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Table 2 Training loads of the whole experimental time

From: Effects of antioxidant supplementation on oxidative stress balance in young footballers- a randomized double-blind trial

Training Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Training total time 45–60 min 90 min 90 min 90 min 45–60 min 120 min 30 min
Time of a single exercise Short 2–4 min Medium 4–8 min Long 8–20 min Very short 1–2 min Short 2–5 min Long 45 min Long 30 min
Training loads, scale 1–10* 1–2 4–6 5–8 2–4 3–5 8–10 1–2
Training content Active regeneration. Large forms of tactics with technique breaks. Elements of the game in attack and defence in a limited field of play. Maximum intensity. Endurance. Small and large games. Game speed without much resistance. Defence against counterattack. Force-speed stimulation. Tactical games and exercises with an accent of speed. Control/ championship match. Active regeneration e.g.: jogging, walking, swimming.
  1. min minutes, * training loads scale where 1 means training at the lowest intensity and 10 means training at the highest intensity