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Table 1 Supplement ingredients

From: Multi-ingredient pre-workout supplementation changes energy system contribution and improves performance during high-intensity intermittent exercise in physically active individuals: a double-blind and placebo controlled study

Serving Size: 3 Scoops (20 g)
Amount Per ServingAmount% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrates8 g3%
Calcium180 mg18%
Folic acid500 mcg208%
Vitamin C250 mg556%
Niacin35 mg219%
Vitamin B12 mg167%
Biotin20 mcg67%
Vitamin B650 mg3.846%
Vitamin B22 mg154%
Vitamin B129.94 mcg414%
Proprietary Blenda10.200 mg 
 Caffeine400 mg*
 Creatine monohydrate3.000 mg*
 L-Arginine2.000 mg*
 L-Leucine2.000 mg*
 L-Valine1.000 mg*
 L-Isoleucine1.000 mg*
 L-Tyrosine800 mg*
  1. *Daily Value (DV) not established