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Table 3 Estimated daily macronutrient requirements for ultra-marathon runners, based on sex, typical extremes of body mass/fat, and session duration/pace

From: International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: nutritional considerations for single-stage ultra-marathon training and racing

50 kg70 kg65 kg85 kg
(15% BF)(24% BF)(10% BF)(20% BF)
 1 h3 h1 h3 h1 h3 h1 h3 h
Carbohydrate (g·d− 1)301409366518383524444628
Carbohydrate (g·kg− 1·d− 1)
Protein (g·d− 1)751029213096131111157
Protein (g·kg− 1·d− 1)
Fat (g·d− 1)56766896719782116
Fat (g·kg− 1·d− 1)
Energy Intake (Kcal·d−1)20042726244334552553349229594187
Energy Intake (Kcal·kg−1·d−1)40.154.534.949.439.353.734.849.3
  1. e.g., a female runner with body mass 50 kg and 15% body fat, training for 1 h per day will need an estimated 301 g carbohydrate, 75 g protein, and 56 g fat. Overall values are based on 11.5 min·mile− 1 (8.4 km·h− 1) pace. BF body fat