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Table 3 Associations among facilitating factors and perceived behavioural control towards the recommendation to increase the consumption of foods rich in proteins

From: Determinants of coaches’ intentions to provide different recommendations on sports nutrition to their athletes

Facilitating factorsr 1p 2β 3
If a colleague coach advises you to recommend the increase of foods rich in proteins to your athletes0.420.01−0.10
If other coaches recommend the increase of foods rich in proteins to their athletes0.530.00070.54
If it would make your athletes better0.540.00060.46
If it would ensure your team to qualify for the provincial/national championship0.440.006−0.09
The information sessions held by professionals in the field0.510.0010.44
The information found in magazines, ads, journals and the Internet0.340.04−0.27
  1. 1Values are Pearson correlation coefficients (n = 36 to 37)
  2. 2P values related to Pearson correlations
  3. 3β coefficient from ridge regression (n = 36)