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Fig. 5 | Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

Fig. 5

From: Fluid type influences acute hydration and muscle performance recovery in human subjects

Fig. 5

Impact of dehydration and hydration on lower body muscle performance. Peak torque extension using Biodex™ was determined prior (Baseline) to and immediately following exercise (Post-Ex) and rehydrating protocol. a Averaged values across experimental groups for peak torque extension (Nm) at Baseline and Post-Ex in Females and Males. The dehydrating exercise protocol significantly impacted peak torque (p = 0.0048), which was dependent on sex (p = 0.0005) and the exercise protocol (p = 0.0002) by two-way ANOVA. Post-hoc Bonferroni analysis indicated a significant difference in Baseline and Post-Ex for Males only (p = 0.0117). the Deep group compared to both Sports and Spring groups (*p = 0.01; Females vs. Males). b Bar graph representation of the recovery in peak torque extension at the completion of the hydration protocol expressed as percentage of baseline peak torque (Peak Torqueend/Peak Torquebase X 100). There is a main effect of rehydrating fluid (p = 0.0157) by two-way ANOVA. Data presented as mean ± S.D

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