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Table 3 Physical activity level quartiles

From: Prediction equation for estimating total daily energy requirements of special operations personnel

Physical activity level (Training Equivalent) Training Percent Daily Energy Expenditure due to Activitya
0-Low (<  2.10) Weapons Traininga <  42%
(Briefings/Mission Prep) Small Unit Ranger Training (classroom)  
  Derna Bridgeb  
1-Low-Moderate (2.11–2.40) Pre-Mission Training 42–51%
(Common Warrior Tasks) Platoon Raidsa  
  Close Quarters Battleb  
2-Moderate-High (2.41–2.75) Combat Dive School 52–57%
  Squad Raidsa  
(Battle Drills) Small Unit Ranger Training (field training)  
  Ranger Selection Assessment Program  
3-High (>  2.75) Urban Combata >  58%
(Specialized Intense Activity) Raider Spiritb  
  1. Determined as (activity-induced energy expenditure / daily energy expenditure) × 100
  2. aData collected during US Army Special Forces Small Unit Tactics Training
  3. bData collected during Marine Special Operations Command