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Fig. 2

From: An attempt to induce an immunomodulatory effect in rowers with spirulina extract

Fig. 2

Treg/(NK + Tδγ + CTL) ratio (a), Treg/NK ratio (b), Treg/Tδγ ratio (c) and Treg/CTL (d) ratio during exercise tests performed prior to and after the supplementation (mean ± SD). Note. Tregs = regulatory T cells; NK = natural killer cells; Tδγ = gamma delta T cells; CTL = cytotoxic T lymphocytes; gray box - SUPPL = supplemented group; □ − PLA = placebo group; B = baseline; Ex = post-exercise; R = after a 1-day recovery; # - significantly different compared to baseline level; * - significantly different compared to post-exercise level; † − significantly different compared to PLA group

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