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Table 1 Vegetarian Diets: Definitions

From: Vegan diets: practical advice for athletes and exercisers

Typea Description
Flexitarianb Occasionally consumes animal flesh (meat, poultry) and fish, eggs, dairy
Pesco-vegetarian Excludes animal flesh but does include fish
Lacto-ovo vegetarian Excludes all flesh; includes diary and eggs only
Lacto vegetarian Excludes all flesh and eggs; includes dairy only
Ovo vegetarian Excludes all flesh and dairy; includes eggs only
Vegan Excludes all animal products
Macrobiotic vegetarianb Variable dietary restrictions; includes wild meat/game and fish in some variations of the diet
Fruitarian Includes fruit, nuts, seeds and a some vegetables
  1. aDefinitions from Phillips 2004 [14]
  2. bReaders are advised to exercise caution in their interpretation of Flexitarian and Macrobiotic diets as vegetarian diets; owing to their selective inclusion of meat, poultry, fish and seafood, such diets might not be truly vegetarian