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Table 3 Analysis of the relative changes in the values of the root mean square (RMS) and the mean power frequency (MPF) of the EMG signal of biceps brachial muscle across the isometric muscle endurance task tested before Ramadan (S1), in the first week of Ramadan (S2), and in the fourth week of Ramadan (S3)

From: Ramadan fasting does not adversely affect neuromuscular performances and reaction times in trained karate athletes

S1 S2 S3 S1 S2 S3
R2 slope R2 slope R2 slope R2 slope R2 slope R2 slope
Mean 0.665 0.014 0.521 0.009 0.539 0.012 0.952 −1.190 0.873 −0.933 0.939 −1.057
SD 0.278 0.008 0.335 0.008 0.327 0.007 0.071 0.680 0.095 0.623 0.066 0.586
  1. Significant linear regression was found between EMG parameters (i.e., RMS and MPF) and time
  2. Slope: slope of the linear regression between EMG parameters and time
  3. SD standard deviation