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Table 3 Quadriceps Muscle Soreness Perception

From: Effects of powdered Montmorency tart cherry supplementation on an acute bout of intense lower body strength exercise in resistance trained males

Variable Group Pre-Lift 60-min Post 24-hr Post 48-hr Post Group Mean p-value (GG) p-value (WSC)
Algo I (cm) P 4.34±2.52 5.53±3.15 7.78±2.93 7.94±2.92 6.40±0.76 G=0.139  
TC 3.80±2.86 3.59±2.76 5.50±2.68 5.99±3.59 4.72±0.79 T<0.001* T L <0.001*
Time Mean 4.07±0.56 4.56±0.62 6.64±0.59Ψ 6.96±0.68Ψ   G X T=0.236 G X T q =0.172
Algo II (cm) P 2.44±1.60 3.76±2.24Ψ 6.60±2.99^Ψ 6.20±3.64Ψ 4.75±0.69 G=0.773  
TC 2.98±2.70 4.03±2.93Ψ 4.76±3.03Ψ 6.07±3.67Ψ# 4.46±0.72 T<0.001* T L <0.001*
Time Mean 2.71±0.46 3.90±0.54Ψ 5.68±0.63Ψ 6.14±0.76Ψ   G X T=0.187 G X T q =0.024*
Algo III (cm) P 3.25±2.65 3.42±3.24 6.55±3.80 6.18±3.36 4.85±0.81 G=0.609  
TC 2.68±2.67 3.76±3.18 4.89±3.87 5.64±3.74 4.24±0.85 T<0.001* T L <0.001*
Time Mean 2.96±0.55 3.59±0.67 5.72±0.80Ψ 5.91±0.74Ψ   G X T=0.427 G X T L =0.690
  1. Individual group and time data expressed as means ± SD, while group effects are presented as means ± SEM. Data represents the participant soreness perception in the quadriceps muscle group at each test session during the 10 day intervention. MANOVA analysis revealed overall Wilks' Lambda time (p<0.001) and group x time (p=0.199). Univariate ANOVA p-levels from MANOVA analysis are presented for each variable. Univariate ANOVA p-levels are listed first by the Greenhouse-Geisser (GG) analysis and then by the within-subjects contrasts (WSC) to demonstrate the potential shape of the time or group x time interaction with significance indicated by the following super/subscripts: * indicates p<0.05 p-level significance, § indicates p<0.10 p-level significance. LSD post hoc analysis is indicated by the following superscripts: ^ represents p<0.05 difference between groups, Ψ represents p<0.05 difference from pre-lift, represents p<0.05 difference from 60-min post, # represents p<0.05 difference from 24-hr post. Algo I = Algometer location #1: Vastus Medalis 1/4; Algo II = Algometer location #2: Vastus Lateralis 1/4; Algo III = Algometer location #3: Vastus Lateralis 1/2; G = group p-level; T = time p-level; G x T = interaction; q = quadratic p-level; L = linear p-level