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The effect of protein timing on muscle strength and hypertrophy: a meta-analysis

  • Brad Jon Schoenfeld1Email author,
  • Alan Albert Aragon2 and
  • James W Krieger3
Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition201310:53

Received: 22 September 2013

Accepted: 20 November 2013

Published: 3 December 2013

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Archived Comments

  1. Protein spread and protein change theories

    9 July 2015

    Bryan Haycock, University of Utah

    Kudos to Schoenfeld, Aragon, and Krieger for an insightful analysis of protein timing. It is possible that Bosse and Dixon's "protein spread" and "protein change" theories are also at play in many of these protein timing studies (J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2012 Sep 8;9(1):42.). 

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    None declared

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Health Science, Lehman College, Bronx, USA
California State University, Northridge, USA
Weightology, LLC, Issaquah, USA