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Table 2 Fitness characteristics of the participants at the beginning of the study. Data are presented as mean ± SD

From: The effect of probiotic supplementation on performance, inflammatory markers and gastro‐intestinal symptoms in elite road cyclists

  All Participants (N=27) Experimental (N=11) Control (N=16) p value*
VO2max, L. min-1 4.61±0.45 4.74±0.35 4.51±0.50 0.20
Specific VO2max, 64.7±5.8 66.9±6.4 63.2±5.0 0.10
HRmax, min-1 183±13 187±15 180±10 0.14
  1. HRmax = maximal heart rate attained at maximal exercise (VO2max) test
  2. * p<0.05 Experimental vs. Control group (2-tailed independent t test)