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Table 1 Components of AME

From: Dietary Aronia melanocarpa extract enhances mTORC1 signaling, but has no effect on protein synthesis and protein breakdown-related signaling, in response to resistance exercise in rat skeletal muscle

Component Amount (mg/g AME chow)
Ursolic acid 2
Acetylursolic acid 1.6
Oleanolic acid 0.8
Acetyloleanolic acid 0.6
Anthocyanin 2.2
Protocatechuic acid 0.12
Chlorogenic acid 0.16
Isoquercitin 0.045
Quercetin 0.0035
β-cryptoxanthin 0.00085
β-carotene 0.00515
  1. AME Aronia melanocarpa extract