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Table 3 Differences between morning minus afternoon cycling sessions for CHO-WP-MPH and CHO-WP and comparison of the diets

From: Correction to: The effect of low dose marine protein hydrolysates on short-term recovery after high intensity performance cycling: a double-blinded crossover study

N = 14N = 14   
Mean diff ± SDMean diff ± SDMean diff95% CIp-value
bTimediff at 95% of V̇O2max (min)1.37 ± 2.030.52 ± 1.170.85−0.37, 2.060.156
HR (bpm)−0.9 ± 2.4−1.7 ± 3.00.8−0.9, 2.50.331
RER−0.01 ± 0.03−0.06 ± 0.21− 0.05− 0.07, 0.170.361
Lactate (mmol/L)1.88 ± 0.832.12 ± 1.02−0.24−1.00, 0.530.511
Glucose (mmol/L)0.78 ± 0.650.55 ± 0.730.23−0.05, 0.510.094
  1. Data are presented as mean values, standard deviations (SD), 95% confidence interval (CI), and P-value. Diff. CHO-WP-MPH versus CHO-WP: differences between morning and afternoon cycling sessions with ingestion of CHO-WP-MPH versus CHO-WP. a Five participants ingested CHO-WP-MPH and nine CHO-WP in the first intervention (phase II) and in the second intervention (phase III) nine participants ingested CHO-WP-MPH and five CHO-WP. b Timediff at 95% of V̇O2max,: differences between cycling time in the morning and in the afternoon at 95% of V̇O2max. CHO, carbohydrate; WP, whey protein; MPH, marine protein hydrolysate; diff, difference; HR, Heart rate; bpm, beats pr. min; RER, respiratory exchange ratio