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Fig. 6

From: The effects of a caffeine-like supplement, TeaCrine®, on muscular strength, endurance and power performance in resistance-trained men

Fig. 6

Perception of Fatigue. Mean Differences between TEA300, CAFF300, COMBO, and PLA from Baseline to 90 min Post-Treatment in Perception of Fatigue.CAFF300, 300 mg of caffeine; TEA300, 300 mg of TeaCrine®; COMBO, 150 mg of caffeine and 150 mg of TeaCrine®; PLA, 300 mg of placebo. TEA300-PLA, TEA300 vs. PLA; TEA300-CAFF300, TEA300 vs. CAFF300; COMBO-TEA300, COMBO vs. TEA300; CAFF300-PLA, CAFF300 vs. PLA; COMBO-PLA, COMBO vs. PLA; COMBO-CAFF300, COMBO vs. CAFF300; cm, centimeters. Data presented as mean/percent change (95% CI)

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