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Fig. 2

From: Determinants of coaches’ intentions to provide different recommendations on sports nutrition to their athletes

Fig. 2

Prevalence of high school coaches having the intention to recommend a higher consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates, a higher consumption of foods rich in proteins and an increase in hydration to their athletes within the next 3 months. Intention to provide each recommendation was measured using arbitrary categories based on a 6-point scale defined as follows: Having no intention: score = 1 to 3; Having intention: score = 4 to 6. Total represents the whole sample of coaches having answered the question related to the intention to provide each of the three sports nutrition recommendations. Carbohydrates: Total n = 41; Nonleanness n = 25; Leanness n = 16. Proteins: Total n = 38; Nonleanness n = 24; Leanness n = 14; Hydration: Total n = 37; Nonleanness n = 24; Leanness n = 13

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