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Table 1 Genotype

From: Assessment of the FTO gene polymorphisms (rs1421085, rs17817449 and rs9939609) in exercise-trained men and women: the effects of a 4-week hypocaloric diet

SNP Genotype Description
rs1421085 TT Normal risk
C/− In exercise-trained men and women, those carrying the risk C allele had a significantly higher fat mass and % body fat [11]. This SNP is most likely risk variant showing the highest association with obesity [1, 11].
rs17817449 TT Normal risk
G/− This SNP is associated with body mass index, weight and waist circumference [16].
rs9939609 TT Normal risk
A/− This SNP is associated with diminished satiety [16].
Those who are AT or AA consumed between 125 and 280 kcal more each day than those with the protective TT genotype [7]; however, energy expenditure is not affected.