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Table 2 (abstract A13). Sleep

From: Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Conference and Expo

  Control High-Protein
Sleep duration (hours) 6.70±0.65 6.47±0.76
Onset latency (minutes) 12.2±15.0 15.0±13.0
Sleep efficiency (percent) 85.1±4.1 84.5±3.5
WASO (minutes) 48.3±20.4 44.1±11.1
Number of awakenings 24.1±5.4 23.6±6.4
  1. Data are expressed as the mean±SD. Legend: WASO – wake time after sleep onset (i.e., amount of time a person spends awake after first falling asleep). Onset latency – how long it takes to fall asleep. Sleep efficiency – percentage of time you are actually sleeping after you fall asleep. Number of awakenings – number of times you wake up after falling asleep.