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Table 1 SpORS Formulation and comparison to formulations for WHO ORS and a selected sports drink; components shown making up to 1 L in drinking water

From: Comparison of a sports-hydration drink containing high amylose starch with usual hydration practice in Australian rules footballers during intense summer training

Item Hypo-osmolar-ORS (WHO)# Gatorade SpORS
NaCl 2.6 g/la 1.14 g/l 1.45 g/l
KCl 1.5 g/la 0.19 g/l 0.4 g/l (as KCl)
TriSodium citrate dihydrate 2.9 g/la As pot and sod citrate 1.6 g/l
sugar 13.5 g/l glucose 60 g/L 5 g/l glucose
Starch    45 g/L acetylated HAMSb
Osmolality 245 mOsm/La 330 mOsm/Lc 63.7 mOsm/Ld
  1. aUNICEF/WHO 2009
  2. bAcetylated HAMS is Hylon VII acetylated 2.5% (Ingredion Pty Ltd), as used in the food industry and accorded GRAS food safety status. This provides a fermentable starch as well as delivering acetate to the colon as resident bacteria split the acetate from the starch backbone
  3. cMettler S, Rusch C, Colombani PC. Osmolality and pH of sport and other drinks available in Switzerland. Schweiz Z Sportmed. 2006;54:92–95
  4. dEstimated