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Fig. 3

From: Effects of hydroxytyrosol dose on the redox status of exercised rats: the role of hydroxytyrosol in exercise performance

Fig. 3

Maximal velocity performance is influenced by hydroxytyrosol. Maximal velocity tests in sedentary rats (A) were performed prior to and at the end of the study. The maximal velocity test in exercised animals (B) was performed before the study, after 5 weeks and at the end of the study. ap < 0.05 compared to Test 1. bp < 0.05 compared to Test 2. cp < 0.05 compared to the SED20 group in Test 3. SED, sedentary; EXE, exercised; 20, group supplemented with 20 mg/kg/d of hydroxytyrosol; 300, group supplemented with 300 mg/kg/d of hydroxytyrosol

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