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Table 3 Logistic adjusted regression models for four selected outcomes of supplements use

From: Prevalence of supplement use in recreationally active Kazakhstan university students

Predictor Outcome
Any supplement use Model R2 = 0.31 Vitamin use Model R2 = 0.27 Energy booster or creatine use Model R2 = 0.09 Protein-gainer-BCAA use Model R2 = 0.07
Age 1.19 (1.04–1.37) NS NS NS
Income 101,000 tenge and more NS NS NS NS
Daily smoking NS NS NS NS
Strict daily routine NS NS NS NS
Sleep 8 h daily NS 2.18 (1.17–4.09) NS NS
Use of fitness tracker 6.26 (3.90–10.03) 10.66 (5.85–19.43) NS 2.73 (1.52–4.87)
Low fat and cholesterol diet 1.95 (1.23–3.10) NS NS NS
Goal: healthy life style NS 2.37 (1.15–4.91) NS NS
Goal: lose or maintain weight NS NS NS NS
  1. Note: data are presented as adjusted OR with 95% CI. Selected variables were not included in some models. All included variables are adjusted for each other. NS – non-significant