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Fig. 4

From: Native whey protein with high levels of leucine results in similar post-exercise muscular anabolic responses as regular whey protein: a randomized controlled trial

Fig. 4

Blood concentrations of glucose (a), insulin (b), urea (c) and creatine kinase (d) following intake of 20 g milk protein, WPC-80 or native whey immediately after a bout of heavy leg resistance exercise. Arrows indicates time point of protein supplement ingestion. Values are mean ± SD (only shown for highest and lowest values). n = 12 in the milk group and 10 in the WPC-80 and native whey group. Black symbols are significantly different from resting values. # native whey greater than milk at the same time point; & native whey greater than WPC-80 at the same time point, p < 0.05

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