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Table 1 Training schedule from day 1 to day 6 for both the cherry juice and placebo trial weeks

From: Effect of tart cherry juice on recovery and next day performance in well-trained Water Polo players

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
AM Testing battery Weights Swim set Weights Training Weights Testing battery
  VJ Sumo deadliftA Kick set Back squatA Swim set (3.3 km) Barbell step-upA VJ
  10 m sprint Bench pressA Freestyle Push press dumbbell Passing Dumbbell bench pressA 10 m sprint
  RST Bench throw in smith machineB Breaststroke Push press medicine ballD Game play Bench pull: drop & catchE RST
  WIST Medicine ball chest pass Backstroke Pallof pressA   Shoulder external rotationF WIST
   Chin-upsA (Total: 5 km, 90 min) Single arm rowA   Kneeling chopG  
   One arm kettlebell side bendsC   Oblique twist with kettlebellC (90 min) Lateral pulldownG  
PM Training Training Rest Training Rest Match simulation -
  Swim drills Swim drills   Swim drills (1.8 km)   Warm-up -
  Passing drills Passing drills   Medicine ball holds   8 × 5 min quarters -
  Leg strength Leg strenght   Wrestling   Cool down -
  Shooting Shooting   Game play   (60 min) -
  Game play Game play   (90 min)    -
  (120 min) (90 min)      -
  1. S Sets, R Repititions, RM Repitition max, BW Body weight
  2. (A) 4S × 4R at 75–80% 1RM
  3. (B) 3S × 5R at ~50% BW
  4. (C) 2S × 10R at 10–12 kg
  5. (D) 3S × 5R at 10 kg
  6. (E) 2S × 10R at 60% 1RM
  7. (F) 3S × 10R at 4 kg
  8. (G) 3S × 10R at ~30% BW