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Table 1 (abstract P19) Serum and Joint Tissue Arginine and Silicon Levels

From: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Conference and Expo

Variable Control (I) Arthritis (II) Arginine HCl + Silicon + Inositol (III) ASI Complex (IV)
Serum Arginine (nmol/L) 1.10±0.07c 0.77±0.06d 1.33±0.03b 1.56±0.01a
Serum Silicon (mcg/L) 131.86±6.85c 109.00±2.14c 580.71±20.94b 712.86±18.14a
Joint Tissue Arginine (pmol/mg) 537.29±24.58c 463.71±28.50c 682.57±23.77b 793.14±15.99a
Joint Tissue Silicon (mcg/g) 0.56±0.03bc 0.44±0.03c 0.64±0.03b 0.79±0.04a
  1. *Different letters are significant at p<0.05