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Fig. 1

From: The impact of post-exercise hydration with deep-ocean mineral water on rehydration and exercise performance

Fig. 1

Rate of dehydration and rehydration in subjects challenged with a dehydrating exercise protocol. The change in salivary osmolality (Sosm mmol/Kg) relative to body mass loss was not different among study subjects whether placed into the Kona (a), Sports (b) or Spring (c) experimental group. Data presented as binned samples ± standard deviation (S.D.). d Bar graph representation for salivary osmolality (Sosm mmol/Kg) in each group prior to (Start) and immediately following (End) dehydration exercise protocol. Salivary osmolality was significantly higher at the end of the exercise protocol compared to each respective group at the start of the exercise protocol (*p < 0.05). Data presented as ± S.D

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