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Table 4 Isokinetic Maximal Voluntary Contraction Knee Extension/Flexion Total Work Performance

From: Effects of powdered Montmorency tart cherry supplementation on an acute bout of intense lower body strength exercise in resistance trained males

Variable Group Baseline Pre-Lift 60-min Post 24-hr Post 48-hr Post Group Mean p-value (GG) p-value (WSC)
IK Total Ext Work (N) P 1791±207 1682±235 1278±275 1408±296 1387±291 1509±90 G=0.870  
TC 1757±378 1612±437 1298±422 1418±463 1352±383 1487±94 T<0.001* T L <0.001*
Time Mean 1774±295 1648±340 1288±345†Ψ 1413±376†Ψ 1370±331†Ψ   G X T=0.792 G X T q =0.662
IK Total Flex Work (N) P 971±126^ 962±141^ 913±174^ 925±153^ 910±113^ 936±58 G=0.181  
TC 1073±252 1060±277 1064±225 1058±305 1010±289 1053±61 T=0.087§ T L =0.022*
Time Mean 1020±199 1009±218 986±210 989±242 958±217†Ψ   G X T=0.663 G X T q =0.206
IK Total Work (N) P 2762±293 2644±354 2191±388 2333±407 2296±373 2445±141 G=0.646  
TC 2829±611 2673±687 2363±603 2476±733 2362±644 2540±148 T<0.001* T L <0.001*
Time Mean 2794±462 2658±527 2273±498†Ψ 2401±577†Ψ 2328±509†Ψ   G X T=0.692 G X T q =0.470
  1. Individual group and time data expressed as means ± SD, while group effects are presented as means ± SEM. Data represents the isokinetic MVC knee extension and flexion performance each test session during the 10 day intervention. MANOVA analysis revealed overall Wilks' Lambda time (p<0.960) and group x time (p=0.748). Univariate ANOVA p-levels from MANOVA analysis are presented for each variable. Univariate ANOVA p-levels are listed first by the Greenhouse-Geisser (GG) analysis and then by the within-subjects contrasts (WSC) to demonstrate the potential shape of the time or group x time interaction with significance indicated by the following super/subscripts: * indicates p<0.05 p-level significance, § indicates p<0.10 p-level significance. LSD post hoc analysis is indicated by the following superscripts: ^ represents p<0.05 difference between groups, † represents p<0.05 difference from baseline value, Ψ represents p<0.05 difference from pre-lift, represents p<0.05 difference from 60-min post, # represents p<0.05 difference from 24-hr post. Ext = extension; Flex = flexion; IK = isokinetic; MVC = maximal voluntary contraction; G = group p-level; T = time p-level; G x T = interaction; q = quadratic p-level; L = linear p-level