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Table 2 Choice of exercises for each body part

From: A high protein diet (3.4 g/kg/d) combined with a heavy resistance training program improves body composition in healthy trained men and women – a follow-up investigation

Exercise choices


(subject performed 3 of these) flat bench press, incline bench press, cable cross-overs, pec deck, flat bench flies, decline bench press


(subject performed 3 of these) – upright row, machine military press, dumbbell overhead presses, lateral dumbbell raises, shoulder shrugs


(subject performed 2 of these) – triceps pushdowns, dips, French press


(subject performed 4 of these) – Wide grip lat pulldown, narrow grip lat pulldown, chin ups, cable rows, dumbbell rows, dumbbell flies


(subject performed 3 of these) – standing barbell curls, standing EZ bar curl, concentration curls, preacher curls, hammer curls


(subject performed 5 of these) – Back squats, Smith machine squats, Leg Press, Lunges, Leg curls, Leg extensions, calf raise (seated or standing), Stiff-legged deadlift