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Table 4 Vitamin D correlation, in vivo and intervention studies testosterone

From: Plausible ergogenic effects of vitamin D on athletic performance and recovery

Author Reference # Population Subjects/specimens Type of study Intervention Duration Results
Wehr et al. 2010 [53] Elderly 2,299Caucasian Male Subjects (age S2 ± 11) Cross-sectional - - Positive correlation seen between 25(OH)D levels and Testosterone and Androgen Levels
Pilz, Frisch & Koertke 2011 [59] Healthy Males 54 Healthy Overweight Males (age range 20–49) Intervention - RCT 3332 lU/Day of Vitamin Dor Placebo 12 Months Significant ↑ in 25(0H)D, Total Testosterone, Bioactive Testosterone and Free Testosterone Positive relationship between higher
Kinuta et al. 2014 [60] Rat Model VDR Knockout Mice Intervention - In Vivo VDR Knockout Mice - Disruption of VDR gene - 25(OH)D levels and inhibition of gonadal armoatization of testosterone