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Table 1 Overview of Study Design

From: A buffered form of creatine does not promote greater changes in muscle creatine content, body composition, or training adaptations than creatine monohydrate

Familiarization and Entry Baseline Day 0 Loading Phase Day 7 Maintenance Phase Day 28
Familiarization session 4-Day Diet History 4-Day Diet History 4-Day Diet History
Informed Consent Form Muscle Biopsy Submit Training Log Submit Training Log
Demographic Form Fasting Blood Sample Body Weight Muscle Biopsy Muscle Biopsy
Health History Form Body Water (BIA) Fasting Blood Sample Fasting Blood Sample
Exercise History Form DEXA Body Composition Body Weight Body Weight
4-day Dietary History 1 RM Leg Press Body Water (BIA) Body Water (BIA)
General Exam to Determine Qualifications to Participate in Study 1 RM Bench Press DEXA Body Composition DEXA Body Composition
Height and Body Weight Wingate Anaerobic Capacity Test Wingate Anaerobic Capacity Test 1 RM Leg Press
Practice Wingate Anaerobic Capacity Test Loading Phase of Supplementation Begins Low-Dose Maintenance Phase of Supplementation Begins 1 RM Bench Press
Randomization into one of three groups (CrM, KA-L, KA-H) Maintain Training Log   Wingate Anaerobic Capacity Test
Instructions for Supplementation