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Table 2 Magnitude-based inference results

From: The effects of pre versus post workout supplementation of creatine monohydrate on body composition and strength

Measures Mean+ SD Mean+ SD Difference+ 90CIa Qualitative Inference
BW (kg) 0.8+ 0.9 0.3+ 2.2 0.5+ 1.3 Trivial
FFM (kg) 2.0+ 1.2 0.9+ 1.8 1.1+ 1.2 Possibly beneficial
FM (kg) -1.2+ 1.6 -0.1+ 2.0 1.1+ 1.5 Possibly beneficial
Bench Press 1-RM (kg) 7.6+ 6.1 6.6+ 8.2 1.2+ 1.7 Likely beneficial
  1. Changes in body composition and performance in PRE-SUPP vs. POST-SUPP groups, and qualitative inferences about the effects on body composition and bench press strength
  2. Values reported as mean + standard deviation (SD); BW – body weight; FFM – fat-free mass; FM – fat mass. a + 90%CI: add and subtract this number to the mean difference to obtain the 90% confidence intervals for the true difference. Qualitative inference represents the likelihood that the true value will have the observed magnitude. Furthermore, there were no differences in caloric or macronutrient intake between the groups.